Canadian Financial Summit – 2021

The Canadian Financial Summit for 2021 has just started, and all the talks are free for the first 72 hours. I haven’t listened to much yet, but I’m currently listening to the panel discussion on FAQs and Misconceptions about DIY Investing. The initial conversation about the psychological impacts of some of the new mobile-first investing platforms (something I have no experience with) is really interesting.

Check it out, and if you find any other interesting talks please share them in the comments. Thanks!

Playing with FIRE: The millennial movement to quit work

BBC Reel just released a short film on the FIRE movement, interviewing three FIRE people / couples: Mr. Money Mustache, Rich and Regular, and Millenial Revolution. I think it’s a great, short introduction to FIRE. One thing I really like about it is how it focuses on aspects beyond money — freedom / flexibility, reducing consumption, and the fundamental unreliability of employment. I especially liked how the couple behind Rich and Regular talked about how they thought FIRE would ultimately change the nature of work.

I definitely agree that the freedom to choose is one of the biggest benefits of a frugal lifestyle. For us, for example, being able to take time off when our daughter was born (2.5 years for my wife and 1 month plus 5 months part-time for me) was wonderful. In other words, FIRE isn’t all about saving as much money as quickly as possible. It’s about freedom.